Adventure - an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Thats how Google defines the word at least. However I'd argue that adventure is a mindset, an attitude. I've had my fair share of "typically hazardous" excursions and embarked on backcountry treks that most might not want to take on but I still think that to be a real "adventurer" you need find that same spirit in the more mundane things about life. 

Mundane - lacking interest or excitement; dull. Quite the opposite of the definition google gives for adventure. Driving to work is mundane, hell half the time work is mundane for a lot of us. So how can we make any of those things adventurous? Drive a new way to work each day, ride your bike to work instead of driving, talk to your barista for once, order something different, etc. I get asked often times how I find time to do fun things still after getting married and having a son. The answer is (aside from my wife being amazing) I prioritize a spirit of adventure in all that I do. 

Spokane (the city I live in) was recently ranked as the city with 4th most depressing winter.  Grey skies, the sun goes down at 3:58 in December, and constant snow make for a recipe for a city full of vitamin D deficient people. As you read in my last blog post I chose to combat this with a fatbike. This fatbike has been awesome. My friend Sean and I have gone on some awesome rides this winter and discovered the whole new challenge that riding through snow brings to cycling. Hopping on your bike when its single digit temperatures outside doesn't always sound like the most exciting thing but once you do and you start pedaling its hard not to smile. 

Some of my favorite winter adventures have been ski trips for as long as I can remember. This winter we took a trip out to Leavenworth, Washington and skied Stevens Pass for a few days. Though I still absolutely love skiing, cycling has grown on me immensely. I find so much joy in even a short ride! That said, this winter has been far from depressing. I'd encourage everyone to join in and spend more time outside during the winter months! Weather is just weather after all. 

All this said, here are some photos of a very "mundane" midday adventure.  Even taking a short hour ride on your lunch break can bring some artificial vitamin D your way.  Here are some photos of bikes to do the same. i write these to inspire you to get out there, we all know being bored sucks so why be content with that.

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