anniversary getaway to the wallowa mountains

anniversary getaway to the wallowa mountains

Looking onto the wallowa mountains from the north end of wallowa lake.

My wife and I have now been married for one full year.  !!  Seems like the year has gone by so quickly and I wouldn't change a thing.  As many of you may know we are due to have our first child this November.  We recently found out that...... ITS A BOY.  Blue birthday cake forever.  

It poured rain on the way down.  Made for some nice soft light.


Anyway , back to the trip.  I surprised Brooke with a getaway to the Jennings Hotel in Joseph, Oregon.  We first visited the town last year shortly after our wedding and I quickly fell in love.  Someday we (I) really hope to have some property in Wallowa county.  If you've never been I highly suggest it.  

Looking on to the lower section of rattle snake grade from the Washington side.

The grande ronde river

Our journey began with the drive.  I had never driven from Spokane to Joseph but I knew it wouldn't disappoint.  The scenic views and winding roads we're nothing short of what I'd hoped for.  The grande ronde river runs from the snake through the south-eastern most corner of Washington before dipping south into Oregon.  At the very bottom there was a little restaurant called Boggans Oasis... next time (hopefully by bike) a stop will surely be in order.  As we continued out trek into oregon it only began to rain much more.

Glowing.  Right?

Cooking a baby makes you quite tired it seems.  

Once we arrived in Joseph the rain had stopped and we were gifted with a nice overcast night filled with mountainous fog.  The town is photogenic to say the least.  Big thanks to the Jennings hotel for housing us and all of Greg's hospitality.  It really is a rad project and you should all go check it out

It's easy to feel small nestled in mountains so large.  

In closing, we had a wonderful getaway.  Here's to a year of marriage and the many more to come.


The eagle cap wilderness butts right up against town.  Its 565 Square miles and covers the Wallowa mountain range.  The area is littered with glacial fed lakes and is quite the evergreen playground.  We only went for a short day hike up the west fork of the Wallowa river on the Chief Joseph Trail.  I'm eager to head back and plan some sort of backpack trip through the area.  (maybe with a little kiddo on my back)