Fall Riding

The leaves change, the dirt achieves hero status, and you're in pretty good shape?! What could be better. bikes are always fun though right? even in the winter i'd argue, anytime you can get out on two wheels is great. great for your health, great for your spirit, and some would argue that if you're riding a bicycle when you might otherwise be driving a vehicle that you're making the world a safer and cleaner place. 

this fall i've found a new love for riding my bike. in previous years as the cold weather and rain came i would slow down on how many days i'd ride to work or not get out on the dirt as much simply because i didn't enjoy the adverse weather conditions. as many of you may know i've always been a skier and the cold isn't foreign to me growing up in montana, but i just couldn't find the motivation to continue on in riding through the fall/winter months. this year however is different.

maybe it's just growing up. maybe it has always been a part of me, but after the hot springs loop this summer i've learned that i love doing tough things. it could be as simple as taking the stairs that are next to an escalator and i'll do it just because i feel like i need to. now, let me be clear, this is not to say that i'm better than or that i have something going for me because i work hard... no. in all honestly if anything this bend towards taking the route otherwise less traveled leads to less company and lots of people wondering why the hell you would want to drive an hour to go out riding when its pissing rain. theres something much more rewarding about the warm shower after while you watch the dirt roll off your legs when you've felt a little more struggle for it.

so with all that said who wants to go spend a few nights under the stars this winter freezing our asses off just to come away with a few great memories and to say we did? 

morning shred

anyway, i named this post fall riding so i could tell you about some of the things i've been learning and enjoying from behind bars this fall, but on the photographic side it might boil down to a lot of photos of one particular bike... my surly crosscheck.  i built it for the cyclo-cross season this year but have found myself riding it the most at the moment. its got the party spirit of a mountain bike but can be a little bit serious when you need it to be like a road bike. that said, the internet is in love with this bike. especially the bar-tape for one reason or another. (psst, its deda elementi bar tape and i can sell you some.) so here is a little gallery of my most recent two wheeled build and some other fall riding   

images of me by sean tobin and micah estelle

Well I hope you're stoked about bikes. that said i want more friends of mine to ride bikes. let me help you build one so we can all partake in the fun of two wheels. cuz really... fun is the best. and if you get off to type two fun a little more like i seem to, then congratulations, you're crazy like me too. here's to creating memories and stepping out of our comfort zones for them! keep on praying for snow... its coming.