Grafton PannellComment


Grafton PannellComment

Preparing for a trip is always fun.... said no one ever.  Of course you cant wait for the trip to begin but wouldn't it be nice if all the before stuff just happened on its own?  As many of you reading this may know, my friends and I will be embarking on a 4 day bikepacking trip tomorrow on a portion of the Idaho Hot Springs Loop.  Couldn't be more stoked!  But yesterday, the procrastination for packing was real.

In preparing for most trips, you pack food... clothes... cameras... toiletries... and some amount of gear.  This trip is no different except everything will be carried on our bicycles.  

Of course we did have some fun while packing... Skids and wheelies will do that to you.  


Thanks to Sean Tobin for the photos.  Follow along for more!